Big Changes For Call Of Duty 2019: Modern Warfare Has Cross-Play, No Season Pass

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is making a bunch of changes to the Call of Duty formula with its reimagining of Infinity Ward’s 2007 classic. The studio is going for “continuity and consistency” across all Modern Warfare’s game modes, meaning guns will feel the same in multiplayer as in single-player, and character progression will carry over between those modes. Beyond that, there are some exciting changes coming that should be good news for all fans who pick up the game when it releases on October 25–specifically, those who don’t want to pay for new maps but do want to play with those on different platforms.

Infinity Ward shared the welcome news in a press release that dropped alongside its first Modern Warfare trailer, which you can see below. Cross-play will be available across PC, PS4, and Xbox One, letting players on any platform jump into a match with those on another system.

It also noted that Modern Warfare will not have the traditional “season pass,” which in the past players were required to buy in order to receive new maps over the course of the year after a Call of Duty game’s release. Instead, all post-release maps for Modern Warfare will be free to all players, mimicking a shift we’ve seen many competing games make.

Both features should go a long way to helping keep the Call of Duty player base together, without limiting them to only playing with people on the same platform and who own the same maps that they do. In general, there should be a whole lot more people to play against. It may also make the Call of Duty esports scene a little more welcoming, as players will be able to compete on their preferred platforms.

The studio showed off Modern Warfare to journalists in the week before announcing the game, giving a sense of the single-player campaign and the technology that’s going into the game. Along with reimagining the story, Infinity Ward said it’s working to make Modern Warfare “more relevant” to the current world, and drew inspiration for the game’s story from real-world conflicts and documentaries about them, as well as recent Hollywood movies.


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