How to use Modern Warfare XP Tokens in Black Ops Cold War

Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War have separate XP Tokens so there have been some doubts over whether or not these could transfer over, but they absolutely can, and here’s how you can use your MW XP Tokens in BOCW.

If you purchased and leveled up the Battle Pass in previous seasons of Modern Warfare and Warzone, it’s likely you have a ton of Double XP Tokens saved up. When integration between the games occurred in December, you couldn’t use the MW Tokens in Warzone. This has since been fixed, but players are now asking for Tokens to be changed because they count down even when you’re in the lobby.

Both MW and BOCW Tokens can be used in Warzone, but they can’t be shared across the two main Call of Duty titles. At least, they shouldn’t.

By following this trick, you can use all your saved up Modern Warfare XP Tokens in Black Ops Cold War.

How to use MW XP Tokens in BOCW

Here’s how to use MW Double XP and Double Weapon XP Tokens in BOCW.

You can use these Tokens to quickly level up your weapons and become Prestige Master.

Double XP location in the Warzone menu
  1. Launch Warzone
  2. Select an XP Token
  3. Back out to the game-select menu
  4. Select Black Ops Cold War multiplayer
  5. Enjoy your Double XP!

This will apply the Token to your Call of Duty account, and it will remain active no matter what game you play.

It’s unlikely this is working as intended, so you should try and do this quickly before it’s addressed in an official patch.

However, there’s a Double XP weekend from December 31 through to January 4, so it’s best to wait until this event has concluded before using this trick.

Image Credit: Activision

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