Weapons will be added to Modern Warfare post launch, but devs say no comment on how

As part of the GameInformer podcast with the Infinity Ward team, they were asked questions about the game by fans through GameInformer’s website.

One of the questions was about post launch weapons in Modern Warfare.

Joe Cecot, MP Designer, confirmed that they will be adding weapons to the game post launch, a standard thing now for Call of Duty over the recent years.

However, as part of the interview, the Infinity Ward team didn’t comment on exactly how it’ll be added post launch, the biggest concern fans have with Call of Duty.

Black Ops 4 locked weapons behind loot boxes, making fans have to pay and hope they get one through a loot box.

Infinity Ward has done collections and challenges for weapon unlocks, so we hope that does return this year.

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Source: CharlieIntel.com

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