Modern Warfare PS4 Open Beta Day 3 – Open Beta Live Now, New Updates

It’s go time, PlayStation 4 players! Day 3 of the Beta is starting now on PlayStation 4.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Open Beta is now live on PlayStation 4 for all PS4 players — no pre-order required.

All PlayStation 4 players can start downloading and playing the Open Beta now by visiting the PlayStation Store and downloading the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Open Beta file. The beta file is 36GB.

PlayStation Plus is not required for the Beta (except in Germany).

Here’s the latest updates and new content that is available with the Open Beta, with Infinity Ward teasing that more is to come throughout Weekend 1 and the second Weekend of the Beta:


  • Mini Map is now enabled but does not show enemy fire. This is part of Infinity Ward’s testing as they take in all of the feedback.
  • Game Mode Filter is now unlocked. Players can now pick which modes you want to play in Quick Play.
  • LEVEL CAP: Now increased to Level 20.


  • TDM: Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner
  • DOM: Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner
  • HQ: Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner
  • HQ: 10v10 Grazna Raid
  • DOM: 10v10 Grazna Raid


  • Featured Playlist: Cyber Attack – Azhir Cave (Day), Hackney Yard (Day), Gun Runner, Grazna Raid
  • Featured Playlist: NVG – Azhir Cave (Night), Hackney Yard (Night) – TDM, DOM, HQ

Once the Open Beta Weekend 1 ends on Sept. 16 at 10AM PT, the Open Beta on PlayStation 4 will continue starting Thursday, September 19 at 10AM PT and end on Monday, September 23.

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