Modern Warfare Ground War mode still features killstreaks, alongside vehicles

We’ve still yet to see gameplay from the new Ground War mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which is set to be in the Beta on Weekend 2, but new details continue to trickle out.

A new screenshot showcased from Modern Warfare reveals the Ground War’s Karst River Quarry map, and shows vehicles and helicopters in action in the map.

Many fans started wondering if the vehicles will be part of the map by default or if there’s killstreaks to earn.

Infinity Ward’s Co MP Design Director has stated on Reddit that there are ‘definitely killstreaks’ in the Ground War mode.

It’s not clear exactly which vehicles will be natively part of the map and which will be restricted to players earning killstreaks. Back in August, GameInformer shared an overview of the Ground War mode stating that it had helicopters and more around the map as players ventured into the action.

The Ground War Mode, which is set to feature 32v32 action, will be available in the Modern Warfare Beta starting September 21. Back during the MP reveal in August, Activision stated that the Ground War mode would feature ‘more than 100 players’ but for the Beta testing, it appears to be limited to 64 players.

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