Modern Warfare dev says content roadmap to come, explains some matchmaking issues

Infinity Ward’s Senior Communications Manager has commented on a Reddit post where users were asking about a roadmap or some sort of “what’s happening in MW” style of posts from Infinity Ward.

Williams has confirmed that such posts will be coming in the future, but she did not provide an actual date for when to expect this information.

This is coming.

The response comes on a post where users were complaining about some of the latency and matchmaking issues where ping was dramatically higher for players. The CM replied giving a description as to why some recent games have seen higher latency when playing. There was a bug in game where users will be match made on the wrong patch versions which was resulting in higher pings for some players.

We found a bug in our patch system where a small percentage of players were not able to properly obtain the latest patch, meaning this percentage of players were not getting matchmade with the larger playerbase who are on the latest patch. This lobby formed as a result of that bug and since there were so few players playing on the older patch, you all ended up playing together.

We’re actively rolling out a fix for this on the backend and have a fix for our patching system that will go live with our next title update so we can prevent this from happening in the future. Hope this provides some insight and apologies for the bug!

SOURCE: Reddit

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