Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Released, See The Patch Notes Here

A new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now available. The newest title update includes a number of fixes and tweaks, beginning with additional fixes that help improve stability and minimize the likelihood of game crashes.

Additionally, developer Infinity Ward has removed all battle chatter–that is, the brief lines of dialogue that characters say during matches–from Modern Warfare’s one-life modes. This sounds like a welcome change, as the more tactical, one-life modes require strategy and stealth, and hearing the loud callouts can lead to a negative experience. Connected to this, Infinity Ward has changed the sound of footsteps–the footstep sounds will now “filter out” based on occlusion effects.

Another change in the update includes how stun grenades can now disable claymores for 3 seconds. This is another big change, as players have been reporting that claymores can trend toward the over-powered side.

You can see the full rundown of changes to the gameplay and what’s new in the multiplayer playlists below, as posted by Infinity Ward on Reddit.

Modern Warfare multiplayer design director Joe Cecot added that Infinity Ward is working on additional changes and updates to come later. In the future, Infinity Ward will release updates that further restrict the player call out logic and prevent enemies from hearing these call outs across all modes. There will also be further changes to weapon tuning and spawn locations.

Title Update/Playlist Update

Title Update:

  • More fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability across all platforms
  • Battlechatter has been removed from tactical, one-life modes
  • APCs and Tanks in Ground War no longer award points towards a nuke
  • Fix for charms affecting weapon performance when firing from the hip
  • Claymores: Stun grenades can now force claymores into a disabled state for 3 seconds
  • Footsteps: Adjustments to tame the 3rd person footsteps. They will now filter out based on occlusion more.
  • Fix to an issue where Tac Inserts could cause players to spawn out of bounds
  • Fix for the gold camo not unlocking on the .357

Playlist Update:

  • NVG (TDM only)
  • Ground War
  • Gunfight
  • Kill Confirmed
  • FFA


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