Bug with equipping weapon charm in Modern Warfare makes your hip-fire worse

UPDATE: Infinity Ward Senior CM has confirmed on Twitter that a fix is ready to go for this and will be released soon.

An odd bug has been identified in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare by users across Reddit and on Twitter about using weapon charms in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Per images and videos shown on Reddit and Twitter, using weapon charms on your weapon in Modern Warfare makes your hip-fire aim worse, which results in potential to miss more shots.

Here’s the image showing the difference by Reddit user u/JustFuckMyShitUpTbh:

Drift0r also posted a video on Twitter showing this effect in action, that the weapon’s hip fire is slightly off center compared to not using a weapon charm in game.

It would be wise to avoid using weapon charms till a fix is in place.

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Source: CharlieIntel.com

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