PSA: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s $100 Battle Pass Edition Available For Season 2 Launch

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition will remain available for the launch of Season 2 this week. The Battle Pass Edition, which is aimed at people who haven’t bought the game yet, includes the full game and a series of extras, including Call of Duty Points and weapons. The Battle Pass Edition was also available for the Season 1 launch in 2019.

The Battle Pass Edition includes 3000 Call of Duty Points, which is enough to buy the Season 2 Battle Pass and still have an allotment of points leftover. Also included in the bundle is a combat knife featuring a custom skin, as well as the XRK weapons pack. Additionally, the pack includes the “All Ghillied Up,” “Crew Expendable,” and “War Pig” operator packs.

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The Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition costs $100 USD, and it’s available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Modern Warfare is already a sales juggernaut, beating out Black Ops 4, and this new version will likely help sales grow even further. Microtransaction sales in Modern Warfare have also been performing well, Activision Blizzard recently announced.

Modern Warfare’s Season 2 includes a lot of free content, perhaps the most notable of which is a new version of the Rust multiplayer map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Check out GameSpot’s breakdown of everything new in Season 2.

In GameSpot’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare review, Kallie Plagge wrote, “The pitfalls of Spec Ops don’t detract from what Modern Warfare does well, though. Realism mode is an excellent addition to the slate, and although not all the new multiplayer modes are great, Gunfight and the Night Vision playlist are refreshing standouts. And while the campaign ends up playing it safe in the end, it’s still a memorable one, and it lays a strong foundation for where the Modern Warfare series could go from here.”

Activision Blizzard has also confirmed that a new Call of Duty game is in development and scheduled to release later this year. Interestingly, Activision Blizzard did not announce which studio is working on the game.


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