Players are falling to their deaths in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer

When and where players spawn into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer maps has been a point of contention since before the original came out in 2007. But, the reboot of the franchise is having some unique issues all its own. Some players are spawning into the game in mid air, occasionally causing them to fall to their deaths.

The hilarity has been captured in a few high-ranking videos on Reddit. There’s been no response yet from the team at Infinity Ward, but we expect at least a small patch soon.

Modern Warfare got off to a rocky start. While the gameplay itself was solid, and the servers were stable, weapon imbalance issues were clear from the start. Before long, everyone was running around with one particular shotgun, which had incredible range and stopping power. It took multiple rounds of nerfs to finally bring it under control.

These spawn issues are fairly new, however. One video, embedded above, shows a handful of players falling to death in rapid succession. Another shows a player spawning in the same spot multiple times, only to be gunned down by an attack chopper orbiting overhead.

This isn’t the first bit of controversy that the game has brooked since launch. The single-player campaign in particular stood apart, both for its excellent gameplay and its uncomfortable portrayal of alleged American war crimes.


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