Modern Warfare dev teases new ‘special skin’ coming sooon

Infinity Ward’s Art Director has teased on Reddit that a possible new, special skin for weapons is coming in the near future for players who have completed unlocks for weapons.

The developer says that they’ve heard some of the feedback on the changes to the Platinum camo over time and are planning to add an additional special camo in the near future.

Weapons team has been putting max effort into the unlockable camo skins to get you guys to a happy place with the camos you are grinding out.

  • We also implemented a fix for some of the shinier weapons glaring out in certain spots.
  • Put a lot of attention on the lobby road so that weapons are showcased on your operators and have the proper amount of light on them.

He also notes that they are hard at work on a new special weapon camo for players, but did not provide details on how players will be ale to unlock or access this camo as of now.

We have a very special new skin we are working on to be added later when its ready;) Ill try and give everyone a heads up when we are getting close.

He also confirmed on Reddit that this is a new camo that will not replace any existing camos in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Additional new. We would never remove. Only add.

We will keep you updated on when this feature does arrive.

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