Infinity Ward to add more clarity to Gunsmith options in Modern Warfare

One of the big complaints coming out of the Modern Warfare Beta in regards to Gunsmith feature in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the lack of clarity over the items you can unlock for each weapon.

When you first select a level one weapon to use in Gunsmith, it only shows a selection of features to pick from — Muzzle, Optic, Stock, Perk, etc — but each weapon actually as a variety of selections beyond just those four. If you really level up the weapon, you get to pick the weapon’s Muzzle, Barrel, Lasers (varies per weapon), Stock, Perk, Grip, Magazine, and Underbarrel, but the current UI does not actually show all of that at first.

In addition, in each of the categories only one item is shown at first, and there’s no indication as to how many items there actually are in each one.

Infinity Ward has responded on Twitter to state that they will be working to add more clarity to ensure players know what each weapon has in Gunsmith.

Infinity Ward Senior CM also said on Twitter that they’re working to ensure weapon unlocks are noted clearer for launch.

Gunsmith allows players to customize and build out their weapons in a variety of ways never before seen in Call of Duty history.

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