Call of Duty: Modern Warfare November 25 Update – FFA, Parties, And More

Infinity Ward has released a new in-game game settings update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on November 25.

The new in-game update brings the ability to have parties in Gun Game mode and added Free for All into the Quick Play filter.

Here’s the full Playlist Update Patch Notes:


  • Allowing up to 4-player parties in Gun Game
  • Moving FFA to the Filter menu
  • Fixing join in progress for FFA to prevent finding late-progress matches
  • Turning off spawn cameras for Headquarters and Hardpoint


  • Removed infils for both teams when loading into Piccadilly, Search and Destroy
  • Fix for a bug where the thermal optic on the PP19 Bizon would appear white while ADS
  • Fix for the E.O.D. perk not allowing players to hack claymores in FFA
  • Fix for various boosting and out of bounds exploits
  • Fix for laser sights becoming misaligned on the P90 and MP5
  • Special Operations: Minor adjustment to difficulty

Here’s what the new Quick Play Filter options looks like:

SOURCE: Reddit

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